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Single Review: Empire Of Fools – Down To Earth (NEW VIDEO!)

I never normally need much of an excuse to talk about rock music but a brand new video from Empire Of Fools is the best excuse I’ve had for quite a while.

A few months back I reviewed a track from these guys called Higher which was basically everything that I love about hard rock. Great vocals, great riffs and killer solos. I mean what more could any normal person actually want in life, really? This meant that as soon as I discovered that a very nice PR man had sent me this tune and its accompanying video I had to take to my keyboard and let you know what I made of it.

Well you know those things which I said made Higher such an awesome track a few sentences back? Yeah, well I’m delighted to say that they once again make an appearance on this new tune Down To Earth. These guys are just an old fashioned hard rock band with no gimmicks, apart from the fact that they make music dripping in rock attitude which you can’t listen to quietly. The song as a whole is a cracker but that solo… man alive it’s a thing of beauty.

Down To Earth along with Higher are taken from the band’s upcoming mini-album called Devil Inside which will be released later on this month. However, i’ve already got a review lined up and that should be with you within the next week or so, do if you like what you hear below I’d definitely keep an eye out for that.

Right, I think that’s enough of me on this one. Down To Earth is another killer track from a group of guys who are fast becoming one of my favourite rock bands around. Hit the video below and let me know what you think.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjovvlkrwvs’]

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