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Single Review: Bobby Long – I’m Not Going Out Tonight (NEW VIDEO!)

My first thought when I hit play on this song was ‘Where the hell have I been!?’I mean Mr Bobby Long is now 3 albums deep and I have only just latched on? I feel like I’ve let myself down here, oh well better late than never…

Long was born in Wigan and grew up in Wiltshire before moving to London aged 17 to attend university. It was here where he really started to come into his own as a performer and as a songwriter, and complete with degree in hand Long relocated to New York in 2009. From there he released EP The Backing Singer in 2011, along with albums A Winter Tale in the same year and Wishbone in 2013. Oh and if that wasn’t enough he also released a volume of poetry titled Losing My Brotherhood in 2012.

Anyway all of the above led the Wigan native to where he’s sat today, watching new album Ode To Thinking land at number 23 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart and number 19 on the Folk Chart. Not bad ey?

The reason why I’m writing all of this is that the first single to be taken from aforementioned new album I’m Not Going Out Tonight has recently been given a shiny new video. That’s as good an excuse as any to talk about a great song right? And let’s not mince words here; that’s exactly what this song is.

The brilliance of I’m Not Going Out Tonight is in its simplicity. It feels stripped back, back to basics but most of all it feels natural. There’s a kind of elegance to this song that you simply don’t get with many folk tunes. There’s a great flow to Long’s songwriting, and he has a voice which I could listen to all day. Rich and easy going in equal measure that vocal is absolutely on point.

There’s nothing that I don’t like about I’m Not Going Out Tonight and in all honesty I can’t give it much higher praise than that. I might have been a bit late to the party on this one, but now I’m here I don’t want to leave. Mr Long has just gained another fan.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHm1r-ppAL0′]

2 thoughts on “Single Review: Bobby Long – I’m Not Going Out Tonight (NEW VIDEO!)

  1. I loved this song as a stand alone single and was so happy to find this video. It adds so much to the storyline, almost like reading a good book while listening to great music. Great work all around, I am a fan for life.

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