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EP Review: Four Authors – Chapter One

In what was a pretty unique moment for the site, yesterday was very much focused on goings on across the Atlantic, however, that doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten what brought me to the dance. Unsigned/independent music from the UK put The Musical Outcast so with that thought firmly in mind; today I’m switching the focus back home.

Hailing from Barnsley Four Authors are Andrew Hodgkinson (Lead vocals) Joshua Ingamells (Guitar, bass, piano, vocals) Liam Linley (Guitar, bass, piano, vocals) and Jacob Ingamells (Drums, sampling). The band was formed off the back of band members from other projects coming together and locking themselves away in a studio at the back end of last year and Four Authors. Chapter One is the band’s debut EP and if I’m being perfectly honest, it is absolutely brilliant.

Opening track Follow You served as the lead single from the project and was also the first song that I heard from the guys and it is a fantastic summer indie-pop single. Actually scrap that, it’s a fantastic tune full stop. The melody is great and the vocal from Hodgkinson is flawless. The chorus is the stuff of radio programmers’ dreams, and speaking of dreams… that note that Hodgkinson hits in said chorus is something I don’t think I’ve ever been able to get near!

The thing about this EP is that you could take pretty much any of the songs off it and it would make a really good single. Monsters is another track which is heavy on melody and that coupled with the chorus, this song has got ‘pop anthem’ written all over it. That doesn’t mean that the track or the band come off as cheesy though. Nothing sounds forced, they just seem to have one hell of knack of write cracking pop tunes.

I Feel Alive bursts into life with great tempo and the track as whole has got this brilliant zip and bounce about it. I know that’s a bit of a rubbish description but it will make sense when you hear the song I promise. Here the band move back towards the more Indie end of their spectrum, a move which is cemented with an unexpected but always welcome short but sweet guitar solo. These guys aren’t really a ‘guitar solo’ band, which is why it caught me by surprise a touch, although there is a kind of solo on the opener too. Either way it’s another string to the band’s ever impressive looking bow.


Penultimate song Catalyst finds the band stripping back a little bit with an acoustic and more straight up pop sound. Once more the song centres around a great chorus which delivers on every level once again. My only criticism here is that the songs ending felt a bit abrupt. It felt like everything was in full flow and then it just stopped. It’s not enough to put me off the song but that did niggle with me a little bit. But in all honesty that’s probably me nit-picking more than anything else. (I can be a grumpy sod)

Closing track Find Out features a piano intro and melody which drops in and out throughout the rest of the song. I think that this is something which the band could potentially make more use of in the future; it just suits their sound so well. Overall I’d say that the song is more solid than spectacular as it didn’t grab me as much as the other tracks, but it still definitely works. It’s a great tune to end on.

As I have made blindingly obvious throughout this review, I am massively impressed with Chapter One and Four Authors as a band in general. I LOVE a good pop record! Seriously nothing will put a spring in your step like a well put together pop tune and with Chapter One you can take your pick. I don’t often say this as regular readers will know but this record is nigh on flawless. Couple of tiny niggles, if that. Honestly, if you’re into indie-pop bands check these guys, and this record.

This could be the start of something very special.

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