Single Review: Pertini – Blackfriars Bridge

Hands up if you’ve ever had to pull the plug on your band because the co-founder left to become a priest? Nope, me neither. However, that’s exactly what happened to one Mr Sandro Schiena or as we now know him, one half of Pertini.

Following the breakdown of that project Sandro joined forces with Kevin Barthelemy to form the London based musical duo which you see before you today. Blackfriars Bridge is the band’s debut single and to be brutally honest I’m not really feeling it. The band describes the song as;

“A melancholic reflection on how your own apathy and laziness can relentlessly kill anything that you hold dear, be it a relationship or your dreams and aspirations.”

And you can certainly pick up on that, but for some reason I can’t really click 100% with this one. I think the foundation for a good track is in there somewhere but the duo haven’t quite pulled it off. There are parts of the song where you think it’s building up to something and you think it’s about to cut loose but then it doesn’t and the cycle is repeated. The result feels like a bit of an anti-climax. Now I understand that with the type of song that it is, it is always likely to remain ‘dreamy’ but it seems strange to lead the listener up one path only to not follow it through and change direction at the last minute. (I hope that that makes some sort of sense)

I’m not a huge fan of how the vocals have been layered in a few parts of the song either, again I get what the guys are trying to do but it just sounds a bit untidy. I’m aware of how negative this review sounds but in all honesty with a few little tweaks, things would be so different. This isn’t an inherently bad song; it just feels like a missed opportunity. You only get one chance to make a first impression and I’m sad to say that I have been left feeling a little underwhelmed.

That being said I’m not going to write a band off on the basis of one song; that would be a tad stupid on my part. Although as far as Blackfriars Bridge is concerned I must stick to my guns. I’m not feeling it.

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