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Single Review: Ella On The Run – Rodeo Clowns

There’s a massively talented wave of female alt-pop singers and songwriters sweeping the nation right now. There is talent everywhere my friends; and as a result I have been featuring a hell of a lot of these artists but I think I may have just found one the best yet. Her name is Ella On The Run and she’s got a voice so smooth, so silky and so hypnotic that by the end of this new single you’ll be questioning your religious beliefs.

Although now based in London Ella previously studied at the world renowned Berklee College of Music in the United States. She began performing under the Ella On The Run alias in L.A with producer and co-writer Matthew Bang (Interscope & Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group) and Swedish producer Lucasz.

This new single Rodeo Clowns centres around the ups and downs in a relationship. Not only is the theme brilliantly explored lyrically but it’s also executed incredibly well visually as the video finds Ella in an empty flat haunted by the ghosts of her memories. (If we’re honest with ourselves I’m sure this is a feeling to which we can all relate)

The production is pretty sparse and serves brilliantly well as a foundation for Ella to lay her haunting vocal. The vocal is fantastic but it’s the way in which it interacts so easily with the echoing drums, gentle hand claps, and piano and synth laced melodies which really elevate this track. It’s impeccably balanced from front to back.

I might have given the game away a little but Rodeo Clowns has got me climbing aboard the Ella On The Run bandwagon. There’s honestly nothing that I don’t like about this tune, it’s gentle, it’s enchanting and down right hypnotic but it’s also real. There’s a human touch which can often get lost in tracks like this, and that just tops off what is frankly a stunning track.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AjGi6eH-Z0′]

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