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Single Review: Cold Fields – The Best

Everyone knows (or they should) that Birmingham is the place to be in the UK for heavy metal. It has been for forever and a day, and will be for more than that again. Now, where people get all mixed up is by thinking that that’s all that’s going on, because trust me, if that’s your line of thinking you couldn’t be more wrong.

It’s been the case now for a few years now but there are some absolutely killer indie bands coming out of the 2nd city. The Twang are a personal favourite of mine and are one of the bands to make the biggest impact nationally but there are so many just under the surface doing great things. Bands like; Cold Fields.

Hailing from Sutton Coldfield (See what they did there? How smooth is that?) the band is made up of Christopher Newey (Vocals, guitar) Stuart Lidgbird (Guitar, vocals) Jon Perks (Bass, beard… That’s what is says in the promo….) and Nick Wayne. (Drums, percussion) Their debut single Never Get Back dropped to rave reviews, but I’ll tell you now that this new track The Best is streets ahead of that tune.

Style-wise The Best falls somewhere between The Twang and Editors, but it’s far from a mere imitation. The band have clearly got their own style and also a great knack for writing quotable one-liners;

“You’re going down in history but you don’t know what for.”

I just think that that’s such a cool line, and there’s plenty more where that came from. The track’s got a really strong hook, and a good little video to match. As far as indie tracks go it’s pretty much the whole package. If there’s any justice in the world it will go on to do great things for these guys.

The Best isn’t a track that is reinventing the wheel or giving you anything that you haven’t heard before, but the difference is it’s giving it you with a new style and a new edge. Indie bands are ten-a-penny at the minute so you’ve got to be good to stand out, and these are that good. Of that I have no doubt.

The Best is a great track and Cold Fields are definitely a band to watch.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8V-igcV49U’]

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