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Single Review: Able Archer – The Warden

Today has officially been a good day. You know why? Because I have I just discovered a great band from Dublin called Able Archer.

Formed in 2011 Able Archer are Emmet McCaughey (Vocals) Rob McDonnell (Guitar) Niel Buckley (Keys) Diarmuid Breathnach (Bass) and Seán O’Connor. (Drums)  As I said the band have been knocking around since 2011 but it wasn’t until 2013 with the release of their debut EP Bullets that the band really started making people sit up and take notice on a UK-wide level. A second EP followed last year in the form of the critically acclaimed The Trouble With Strangers and the band are now fully ready to conquer the world. (Well that’s the theory anyway)

New single The Warden is taken from said critically acclaimed EP and it is without question a damn fine piece of work. I have never been seduced by 5 men before but this track has swept me off my feet in ways any woman could only dream. It just pulls you in, there’s so much going on. Sonically this tune has more layers than a wedding cake. It’s melodic and sweeping yet understated. The rolling drums hit just hard enough so that you know they are there, but in no way are they overpowering. The bass is weaving sumptuous patterns beneath the whole piece while the keys gently drift in and out and unless I’m mistaken there’s also some trumpet swirling around in the chorus as well.

The fact that there can be this much going on yet nothing dominates over anything else is testament not only to the band but everyone who worked on the production side of this record. Again, the vocal, while being to the fore, is like a gymnast in full flight; in perfect balance with everything around it.

The Warden is unassuming in its brilliance. It’s a track which creeps up on you, but with every passing listen you realise more and more just how seriously good it is.

This is an absolutely fantastic record.

The Warden gets it’s full UK release on 17th August. The band are also scheduled to play at Camden, Proud on the 18th. 

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEawwPnSHTQ’]

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