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EP Review: Suffer No Fools – Songs For The Restless Youth

If I had to sum up London based metal band Suffer No Fools in phrase that phrase would be ‘No nonsense.’ This is not only because of their sound which I’ll get to in more detail in a minute but also the way in which they have attacked their fledgling career.

Normally when a band comes together they often take a while to settle down, drop a few singles to test the water but not Suffer No Fools, they’ve got right down to business. As a result despite only forming earlier on this year the band have already released their debut EP Songs For The Restless Youth.

Hailing from Ealing Suffer No Fools are Ali Khan (Vocals) Jack Kirby (Guitar) Jamie Newdeck (Guitar) Alex Bain (Bass) and Mike Taylor. (Drums) From front to back Songs For The Restless Youth is a real uncompromising effort. There are no frills and no gimmicks, it’s all about huge drums and monster riffs.

I’m not sure it’s going to really make you lose your shit for want of a better phrase, but it’s pretty damn solid nevertheless.

The record kicks off with atmospheric intro Acheron which just loads up the anticipation for when the first proper track The Bombing Campaign fires into life. The calm is broken by what sounds like an amped up military drum roll, the whole thing is a call to arms. The first of many crunching riffs then slams into view and we are off and running. The vocal from Khan is a lot like that from Defy All Reason frontman Gav Jones; uncomplicated yet forceful. It’s a strong start and sets up exactly what the band are all about.

Prey is more of a traditional metal single and is probably my favourite track on the EP. It’s a lot shorter and sharper than the opener as the listener is thrown straight into a whirlwind of hammering drums and thunderous riffs. The hook is strong enough and I’m a big fan of the guitar work, the solo here like on most of the tracks on the EP is absolutely killer.

Following track Forgiven Or Forgotten like pretty much all of the songs on the EP and the record as a whole for that matter is just really solid. There are no bad songs on here, but at the same time the record lacks that magic sprinkling of stardust which makes it standout above the competition. Everything is a solid 6 and a half/ 7 out of 10. No more, no less. That being said I love the opening riff on Abyss. It’s got a classic old school metal feel and did really stand out. The pace is absolutely unrelenting as the band crunch and crash their way through yet another great solo into penultimate track Dirge Of The Old Gods. (This isn’t the most uplifting of EP’s as you can probably tell)

There’s nothing to say about that song and EP closer Into The Breach which I haven’t already said. The drums hit damn hard, the vocals are solid and the guitar work is probably the highlight. By this point you know the drill, there are no surprises.

If Songs For The Restless Youth was a footballer it would be James Milner. Never massively bad, but never blindingly brilliant either, just alright. It’s so hard to review records like this because there isn’t a whole lot to say other than everything is very solid. Although, I must give a mention to guitarists Kirby and Newdeck as any standout moments which do arrive are inevitably in the form of their solos. But that’s in truth about it. No matter how much I want to, I just can’t get excited about this record. While it’s solid it’s also some way short of spectacular.

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