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Single Review: The Winachi Tribe – Time For Love

Here at The Musical Outcast I love nothing more than people and bands who are a little bit different. I’m a huge fan of that ‘think outside the box’, go against the grain creativity. The exact kind of creativity which runs through the veins of a brilliant new band called The Winachi Tribe.

Made up of Liam Coker (Vocals) James Fingers McGregor (Guitar) Antony Egerton (Keyboard) Riche Rich (Bass) Inder Goldfinger (Percussion) and Sam Tushington (Drums) The Winachi Tribe are a band just going their own way.

Although I described the guys as a new band you might recognise a few of those names, vocalist Croker and keys player Egerton collaborated with Keith Allen (Who makes an appearance in the music video for this track) in the studio and also toured with him as vocalists in his band ‘Fit Les’ as part of his Olympic opera ‘Will Cliff Be There?’ And percussion legend Inder Goldfinger was a member of Ian Brown’s band for 13 years.

It’s normally at this point where I try and pin down a genre for the band that I’m reviewing but that’s pretty impossible with this lot. There’s a bit of absolutely everything in their music as frontman Croker explains;

“You can hear different influences in our music and maybe take a guess as to what we were listening to when we wrote a certain song, but you can’t really pin us down into any specific genre. One thing that ties all our music together though is us. Our stamp is all over it. Whether it’s an electro-funk track, an acid house inspired track or a stripped down acoustic song you know it’s us by the feel and the attitude of what you’re hearing.”

Time For Love is a fantastically funky blend of styles, genres and eras. There’s a bit of George Clinton style funk in there, there’s a groove which would have sounded right at home in the 70’s and you could argue there’s even a little bit of disco in the guitar work too.

It’s like the band have taken the best bits of a handful of genres and melted the lot together to create something brand new and pretty much unlike anything else out right now. The horns which drift in and out of the chorus are just the icing on an incredibly smooth, soulful and funky cake.

Time For Love just makes me smile and makes me want to move my feet. In a day and age when the top 40 is made up of ‘pop music by numbers’ the electro-funk groove which runs through this tune is a beautiful remedy to the boredom. If this track doesn’t restore your faith in creativity then nothing will. What a brilliant debut single.

Time For Love is out now.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5ZPVcJ6auM’]

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