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Single Review: Social Room: SR7

It seems to be a recurring theme on these pages in recent weeks but I’ve got another great indie band for you. Today I bestow that title on a band from Sunderland, County Durham who call themselves Social Room.

Formed in 2014 the band’s current line-up includes Matty Smith (Vocals) Adam Potts (Guitar) Simon Bewick (Guitar) Chis Leonard (Keys) Alex Gunn (Bass) and Adam. (Drums)

Perhaps unconventionally the strength of SR7 really lies in the piano melodies which lace the track with fantastically upbeat summery exuberance. Don’t get me wrong the vocal is on point and the guitar work is great but it’s those melodies that really drive this one. Plus they have the knock on effect of giving the tune a real feel good, sunny slant.

The track is maybe just a brilliant chorus short of being perfect. I mean the hook is fine but I’m marking the band against perfection here, so if you were knit-picking you could pick up on that but that would be a little harsh as SR7 is a brilliant tune.

Apart from those melodies which I’m in love with this track has incredible commercial appeal; it would sound great just about everywhere. Plus it’s got a great video featuring a taxi ride and a hot girl in sexy underwear. You understand as a journalist it’s important that i analyse and comment on these things…

There’s really no need to look too deeply into this one though. Just enjoy the tune for what it is, and that is simply a glorious slice of summer. SR7 is a cracking a little tune.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=–UBRYiwtQI&feature=youtu.be’]

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