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Single Review: One Last Run – Tell Me

Remember how for months and months I’ve been telling you about this killer rock band who have been kicking ass all over the country? Yeah? Well they’re back with a brand new single to kick your ass some more.

When I back behind a band and support them on these pages I do that with everything that I’ve got. See, some magazines and websites who shall remain nameless throw out a couple of positive lines about a band and when they break they big up how they have ‘supported them from the beginning.’ Bullshit. When I get behind a band I don’t just big them up every now and again, I believe in them. All that needs to be said is that One Last Run are one of those bands.

I reviewed their latest EP at the back end of last year and it blew me away, I saw them play live in Birmingham a couple of months ago and they killed it. I love being sent new music full stop, but when this new single hit my inbox I couldn’t wait to hit play.

I think the best way that I can sum up Tell Me is just by saying that it delivers. If you’re already a fan of the band then you’re going to dig and I’ll be damned if they don’t pick up some new fans off the back of this one as well. One Last Run aren’t a band built on gimmicks, they are a band built on doing the fundamentals incredibly well.

The vocals from Miss Becky Roberts are absolutely awesome, the riffs and rhythms are built to last and the drums hit harder than a bill the day before payday. I had a sneak preview of this track when I saw the band play that gig in Birmingham I mentioned earlier and I commented at the time that I thought it would do big things and my opinion hasn’t changed.

The verses are pretty stripped back and it’s left to the vocal to do the real heavy lifting and then that chorus hits. This band have a brilliant knack for writing monster hooks and they have delivered here once again. The guitar solo is exceptional and does exactly what you want it to, soaring high, swirling through the atmosphere and making you wish you could play.

One Last Run have got the riffs, the hooks, the monster tunes, they’ve got the lot. Track after track they just keep on delivering while seemingly never putting a foot wrong. Tell Me is another fantastic tune, the band have found their lane and they are nailing it.

Seriously, get aboard the One Last Run bandwagon now because in the next couple of years these 5 guys could be about to do something special.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcIgPX1JZOI’]

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