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Single Review: Offpeak – Feelings Stay The Same

Sometimes I review bands with loads of potential. Sometimes I review bands who sound awesome right now. And then sometimes I review bands who are both of the above. Step forward Offpeak.

Based in Durham Offpeak are Jamie Pick (Vocals) Robbie Pick (Guitar) Kier Hutchinson (Bass) and Jackson Raw. (Drums) The band formed in 2013 with the four guys basically just meeting up to mess around playing songs by Hendrix and the Stereophonics, they then moved onto writing their own material and a few tunes and an EP later here they are.

Feelings Stay The Same is a two minute and forty-eight second demonstration of everything that is brilliant about rock music. Opening at a thundering pace complete the drum solo the track flies into life and assaults your senses in the best way possible from there on in. The vocal is perfect for the band’s sound; the bassline is a thing of deep hammering beauty, the drums are fantastic and frantic in equal measure while the guitar work is first class. There’s a terrific guitar solo which leads into a short, stomping slower section before the rock based intensity ramps up one more time for the grand finale.

Not only is this track all kinds of awesome but there is so much scope for these guys to just keep on getting better. The youngest member of the band is 17 and the oldest is only 22, man… they are just getting started.

If you only check out one new song today I implore you with every fibre of my being to make it this one. Feelings Stay The Same is simply that damn good.

Feelings Stay The Same is officially released on 18th July. The band also play a launch show for the single at the o2 in Newcastle the same night. 

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJaZkhWnCOk&feature=youtu.be’]

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