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Single Review: Go Fiasco – Master Crime

There has been somewhat of a Northern takeover of this site in recent weeks and right now that shows no signs of stopping. These guys are from Liverpool and to cut a long story short they are freakin’ awesome.

Go Fiasco are Daniel Duggan (Lead vocals, guitar) Jamie Roberts (Guitar, vocals) Conor Jones (Synth, vocals) Ben Murphy (Bass, vocals) and Liam Gardner. (Drums, vocals)

The band have been picking up some serious momentum over the last few months and after hearing their new single I’m not surprised.

I can say without doubt that Master Crime is one of the best singles that I have heard this year. Some tracks are brilliant because of their simplicity but this track is several layers of musical brilliance.

The intro is a massively slow build, heavy on atmosphere but its brooding feel leads you to believe that there is something bigger on the way. When the vocal arrives and the song starts to move through the phases it manages to channel some sort of blues/psych/Doors flavour, don’t ask how that works but to varying degrees all of those things are in there. The marching drumbeat is pretty ominous but the hook is explosive.

The vocal becomes more and more animated as the song goes on and then for one last hurrah everything kicks through multiple gears and clatters by at breakneck speed until the familiar brooding feel of the intro draws the song to a conclusion.

Master Crime isn’t a song; it’s more like an epic journey but above all, my God it’s downright brilliant.

Master Crime is officially released 25th July.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvxPUpp-S-s’]

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