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Single Review: The Retrospectives – Confusion

The Retrospectives are one of those bands that seem to have been on my radar for absolutely forever. They haven’t put out masses of material in recent times but their reputation just keeps steadily growing and people like me keep on writing nice things about them.

I like the band’s previous work and I like what they’re about and to cut a long story short they have hit another home run here. Confusion marks the duos first new release of 2015 and it’s fair to say that the pair are in sparkling form.

The track is a stunning balancing act between old school, 70’s tinged familiarity and a crisp up to date freshness. The slow and deliberate pace along with the stripped back airy style production means that the build towards the soaring chorus feels really really natural. With some bands everything feels forced like they know they need a big hook but have no idea of how to get there, but there’s none of that here. The word I keep coming back to is ‘fresh,’ the track feels so crisp and clear, there’s no overindulgence and no wasted motion. This is personified by the guitar work which is brilliantly simple but at the same time serves to elevate the track ever higher.

I’m a big fan of this song and for my money it has huge crossover potential.  6 Music have built an entire radio station on playing stuff like this for crying out loud. Personally I think that Confusion makes a real high pint for the band, in my mind this is their best release to date without a doubt. That being said I think they’re far from being done yet. The Retrospectives are just going to keep getting better and better. For the Sheffield base twosome the future looks oh so bright.

You can see the band live in London tonight where they will be headlining a show in the capital for the first time at Water Rats. I also have it on good authority that the gig is free entry so if you’re in that part of the world that sounds like a good night to me. You can also catch the band at the dates and venues listed below.

12 June – Harpenden Public Halls, Harpenden

13 June – The Lincoln Imp, Scunthorpe

14 June – The Rocking Chair, Sheffield

28 June – Lichfield Rocks

Confusion is officially released on 29th June.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDBHnZblqjk’]

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