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EP Review: Faun Legacy – Tales From A Happy Home

Ladies and gentlemen this review marks a first for the Musical Outcast because for the first time ever I am reviewing a band from Denmark! I have to be honest I never imagined in my life that I would be typing those words so this is a pretty cool experience all round.

Faun Legacy are based in Horsens, Denmark and the band is made up of Jesper Vind Hansen (Vocals, guitar) Rasmus Kimmer Werther (Guitar) Sebastian Barclay Paaskesen (Bass) and Danny Skovholm. (Drums, backing vocals) Tales From A Happy Home is the bands 2nd EP serving as the follow up to debut Domino. The band describe the EP as,

An EP with songs inspired by a time where we are ‘always on.’ Where emotions and thoughts are tucked away and ‘hidden behind the facade.”

Now as interesting as all of that is it’s not worth the paper it’s written on if the music isn’t up to scratch, so I think it’s time to get into it.


This EP might not be the longest in the world but it certainly doesn’t lack for quality. I had absolutely no idea what the band’s music would sound like so I have to say what I found was a brilliant surprise.

Opening track Sleepwalker sets things off in fine style. The band’s brand of rock isn’t the heaviest by any means but there are enough riffs to certainly get you interested. I like the simplicity of the vocal; it’s a very British style without sounding like a rip off which is a big plus. The guitar solo is nice and understated; it doesn’t try and overpower the track it just helps push it along. There isn’t one standout element the song, everything does its job really well and when all of those things are added together what you’re left with is a very solid track.

I love the melody at the start of The End but it’s soon swallowed up and overtaken by a strong galloping drum beat. The track is a quicker affair all round, and sees Hansen pull out a high pitched vocal not many of us are going to get anywhere near. It’s a slightly geeky point I know but I love how the guitars are layered during the solo, it’s a subtle touch in the grand scheme of things but I think it works brilliantly.

Final track Shell was the EP’s lead single and it also happens to be my favourite. The band slip towards a more Indie style and this lighter less ‘riffy’ sound definitely suits them. The song is pushed forward by a great little melody which dances across a skipping drumbeat and a strong bassline. The track has got a great strong hook and if it wasn’t for the fact that the EP was released in February you’d say that this was a track built for summer. Beautifully groovy stuff.

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t approach this review with a certain degree of trepidation as I had no idea what I was going to find when I hit play on the music. However, it turns out that that trepidation was completely unfounded. Tales From A Happy Home is a great little record. The opening track is more than solid and the record just gets better and better as it goes on peaking with the brilliant Shell. What a really well made enjoyable record, definitely worth a listen in anyone’s book.

Tales From A Happy Home can be found on all of the usual places.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bBs4c2Gz74′]

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