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Single Review: Young Romance – Never Learn

As the saying goes ‘Every day’s a school day’ and ladies and gentlemen those words have never been more apt as this morning I discovered that ‘Noise Pop’ is actually a thing. I’d be lying if I said that I knew what it meant but apparently it’s a genre of music that has been around since the 80’s. Yep, that one passed me by a little bit as well but there you go.

In any event my extensive research has told me that London based duo Young Romance are fine exponents of the genre and well, their new single is freaking glorious.

Made up of Claire (Vocals, drums) and Pablo (Guitar) Young Romance formed back in 2013 and their brand of fuzziness enthused pop music has been turning heads ever since. The pair’s latest EP Wild dropped in March, with the first single from that project Wasting Time receiving praise from everyone’s favourite lightly bearded Welshman Huw Stephens. This track Never Learn is the band’s new single and is officially released on 25th May and I like it rather a lot.

One of my all-time pet hates in music is bands making songs that are too long. Don’t get me wrong 9 minute songs done well are awesome. I’m on about that song that basically finishes after 3 minutes but then the band stick a minutes worth of filler on the end which does absolutely nothing apart from get cut from the radio edit. Well I’m pleased to report that there is no such tardiness here as Never Learn arrives, kicks ass and leaves all within the space of 2 minutes.

I love the fact that the vocal from Claire isn’t all that powerful and doesn’t try and compete with the drums and guitars, she remains restrained and understated while fuzzy hell is raised behind her. Contrasts such as that always work brilliantly so it’s no surprise that it helps produce such a stellar sound here. Maybe the hook could be a little stronger but you’re probably nit-picking just a touch by going down that road. Everything is on point; I really like what the guys have done here.

So the lesson for today… ‘Noise Pop’ really is a style of music and Young Romance are pretty damn awesome at it.

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