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Single Review: Empire Signal – Like A Rolling Stone

Music is an absolutely incredible thing. There are times when you hear something so mind-bendingly complex that you spend the next week wondering how the hell that awesomeness that you just heard was even possible. Then on the flipside some tracks are so unbelievably simple and so straight up and down you spend the next week wondering how something so simple could sound so good. This track from Empire Signal is definitely the latter.

Formed in Manchester back in 2010 Empire Signal are Paul Eaton (Vocals, guitar) Joe Birney (Bass) and Rob Jones. (Drums)

“We like to write songs, make loud noise and melodic harmony.”

I was looking for a way to sum the guys up but I think that that little line from them pretty much nails it. The band have been kicking around for a while, and despite having not produced much in the way of recordings they still have a glowing reputation which normally means what they have produced in terms of singles etc and live shows is quality. Well the Manchester Evening News are impressed at least; and me; obviously.

Like A Rolling Stone is a storming old school rock and roll tune of the highest order. As I alluded to in my introduction the brilliance here is in the track’s simplicity. The vocal isn’t flashy by any means but is brimming with Mancunian swagger, and the song is structured pretty much how you would expect but everything about it is absolutely spot on. The guitar work including a couple of solos is great, the rhythm section is steady and totally on the money and the song’s rousing chorus will have you singing along in no time at all. And I tell you what, that’s all I need, I’m a simple creature.

Not every band needs to re-invent the wheel and blind the audience with science. Empire Signal make fantastic old fashioned rock and roll and God bless them for it. Like A Rolling Stone is a cracking tune.

Like A Rolling Stone can be found on the band’s brand new self-titled EP which is out now.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RimRpctT6oE’]

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