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Single Review: Dark Sky Park – Follow Me

It seems an absolute lifetime ago now but almost exactly one year ago I reviewed an EP from a band by the name of Dark Sky Park. Overall there were some good bits and some bad bits, but basically it was a pretty hit and miss effort. However a new and improved Dark Sky Park are back.

There have been some rather substantial line up and style changes but finally the band have returned with some brand new music for your ears. Enter new single Follow Me.

The first thing to really notice is that the keyboards have gone; personally I found them a little awkward so I think that this is a step in the right direction. Overall the new sound is more straightforward, everything about the track seems to flow a hell of a lot easier. Hopefully that makes more sense when you hear it.

Thankfully the good bits from the band’s previous work are still here, Bilson’s vocal still has its unique edge which keeps it standing out from the crowd. The guitar work is also still sharp and to be honest this like most things with a decent guitar solo in are a hit for me. (I’m a simple creature)

Couple of minor niggles from the production side though as I think the track could have been polished up a little bit, the sound in places sound kind of dull, and linked to that I would have liked the drums with a bit more snap.

That being said those are minor niggles and I do think that this track is probably the best thing that they have recorded. It just feels like everything is starting to move in the right direction and is starting to click into place. The band’s sound just feels a hell of a lot more natural now. There is still some growing and some fine tuning to be done but I reckon with Follow Me the new and improved Dark Sky Park are off to a very good start.

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