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Single Review: Chasing Deer – Maybe

In a world were bands seem to be losing members like political parties lose leaders it makes a nice change to talk about a band who since I last reviewed them have actually added a member.

Since releasing their debut single earlier on this year Chasing Deer have added a new guitarist to their ranks in the form of Chris Woods. I’m not sure if it’s the arrival of the extra guitarist or just a natural kind of branching out but this 2nd single Maybe differs quite markedly from the band’s debut effort.

To start off with Maybe at least in my book is nowhere near as instant as its predecessor. After hearing twenty seconds of Step Into The Light you just knew it was money, but I found this track a completely different animal. I have to be honest when I first heard it I didn’t get it. It’s not that I didn’t like it I just kind of went ‘meh.’ (Apologies of the lack of a better word there) It didn’t do anything for me what so ever.

That being said whether good, bad or indifferent I do like to give everything I review a few spins before I put fingers to keyboard and make a proper judgement. As a result songs get a chance to get under my skin and it means I don’t miss any improvers. I hate to use a cliché but sadly I’m going to have to because this track is definitely a grower. I think it will probably sound better live as well.

Maybe has a lot more of an Indie feel about it than I was expecting. The tempo is a load quicker than on their first single with that extra spring in the step manifesting itself in a galloping chorus. The highlight for me however is the guitar work. The solo has a really old school quality to it; understated yet beautifully melodic.

As I pretty much said above when I first heard Maybe I thought it was bang average. It wasn’t bad but at the same time it didn’t really impress me either. However there was just enough there to make me not give up on it. Every listen I found myself liking it a little bit more, to the point where there are parts of the track going round my head right now. I still don’t like it as much as Step Into The Light but it’s a good track in its own right.

There’s another single and an EP in the way next month which I think will give a clearer indication as to what this band are all about. So far the two tracks I’ve heard have been very different style wise so I’m interested to see what the band’s overall sound is but they certainly have my attention. While this one may not quite hit the heights of their debut track it has still proved that Chasing Deer have something about them and I think there is plenty more to come.

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