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Single Review: Aleks Grey – Feel Alive

It seems strange to be talking about summery pop music when the weather here in the UK right now is more than a little soggy. Mind you, you could argue that British summertime and the word soggy go together very well…

Either way it is about that time that the big summer tunes start to make their way onto the airwaves and people like me start talking about ‘summer anthems.’ This is an exercise which normally involves the media naming as many songs as they can as the ‘sound of the summer’ just so that they can look clever when that one tune does breakout.

Mr Aleks Grey was born in a place called Volda in Norway and was introduced to music through classical piano lessons at the age of 3. He was soon drawn towards the blues, soul and rock n’ roll and has been writing his own songs since the age of 10.

His current band is made up of Himself/Aleksander Raftevold (Aleks Grey) (Vocals, piano, synth, guitar) Andreas Skuggen (Guitar) Eline Brun (Backing vocals, piano, synth) Andreas Oxholm (Backing vocals, bass) and Reece Cairns. (Drums, pad)

Now based in Liverpool Grey is preparing to drop his new single Feel Alive on the 15th May, and what a good little tune it is.

The track’s strong drumbeat and light, twinkling piano melodies give it a real summer vibe which certainly put a smile across my face. About 20 seconds into the song I just felt ‘Yeah summer is on its way’ and I’m sure you’ll agree that that’s a damn good feeling. Feel Alive is just a really good single. It’s got an anthemic chorus and the vocal from Grey is totally on point. There’s nothing that I don’t like about it to be honest.

Although I have to say that while the track might do well in its own right it really wouldn’t surprise me if a dance remix of it emerged sometime in the future and really kicked it up to that next level. You just get the impression that a dance producer somewhere in the world would be dying to get their hands on a track as good as this straight out of the box.

As is said above there really isn’t anything that I don’t like about the track, it ticks all of the boxes for my money. Good vocals, good drumbeat and nice melodies. Feel Alive is a great slice of summery pop; a cracking soundtrack to anyone’s summer.

Feel Alive is officially released on 15th May on iTunes, Spotify and more.

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