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EP Review: Token Joker – Just Part Of The System

To cut a long story short around a month ago I reviewed the lead single from this project and I was massively impressed. I thought the guys had a really good thing going on and I promised to try and keep up to speed with all things Token Joker in the future. Well as luck would have it I got sent a copy of the band’s latest EP Just Part Of The System so I thought it was only right to break it down like only The Musical Outcast knows how.

Opening track 10,000 Angles isn’t a proper song as such, it’s just serves as an intro for the rest of the record but the minute and 22 second long atmospheric instrumental slides into the first real song Green in seamless fashion.  I spoke when I reviewed the band previously about them having a kind of Oasis/Stone Roses/Brit-pop kind of swagger to their music and this track does nothing to dispel that feeling. If you take all of those bands and those sounds and make them a bit heavier then you’ve essentially got Token Joker. For example the tone of the guitar on pretty much every song on the record has an Oasis style slant to it. It just feels like rock and roll records should.

Penultimate tune Rookie is the complete embodiment of why I like this band so much, the whole track just exudes a natural attitude, swagger and confidence that harks back to rock n roll’s finest days. Nowhere is this clearer than in the vocal from Mr Leon Welsh. From a technical standpoint there really isn’t much to say about it but it’s the way that Welsh delivers the lyrics which makes all of the difference. Full of attitude and full of confidence the lyrics just hit harder and resonate a little more. I’m a fan of the guitar work all the way through the EP but I particularly like the solo on this track, understated but still capable of kicking our ass.

The final tune Ride the Train is the track I alluded to in my intro and it remains my favourite on the EP. As good the rest of music on the rest of the record is this tune still just stands above everything else. I still maintain that you can hear hints of The Hives in this one, but most importantly it just nails everything that’s good about this band. The vocals are great, the guitar solo is quality and the track feels kind of old school while maintaining a modern day kick.

Now that I’ve heard the full EP I still haven’t heard anything that leads me to think that this band aren’t as good as I thought they were. Just Part Of The System is everything I hoped that it would be. If you want a rock record with a classic old school rock n roll swagger then this is without doubt the record for you.

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