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Single Review: The Indos – Sitting In Silence

I think it’s time for something brand new, something straight hot off the press. So new in fact that this track is officially released out into the big wide world today.

Based in Edinburgh The Indos are Michael Knowles (Lead vocals, guitar) Dando Myrillas (Guitar) Jamie Gilchrist (Backing vocals, guitar) Treadfast Johnson (Bass) and Greg Atkinson (Drums). The current line up came together in late 2013 and this new single Sitting In Silence serves as follow up to the band’s debut EP Fifty Shades Of Blue.

The songs itself is pretty much your standard summery Indie fare. It’s got a bit of a throwback kind of a feel and something about it just reminds me of The Shadows. The vocal is simple and more than adequate while not being overly flashy and the track as a whole feels really well put together.

I wouldn’t say that Sitting In Silence is a song that will really grab you and have you sitting up and really taking notice of the band but it’s still a more than solid effort.

Unfortunately there isn’t a link available where you can listen for free but the single is out today and can be found on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

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