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Single Review: Panic Island – Temples

Before I get started I’m going to paint you a picture. Where I’m sat right now the sun is beaming through the windows, it’s pretty warm outside and the world looks a pretty nice place. In fact the weather has been nice for a good three days now which basically confirms that black magic is at play and miracles do exist. If you’re reading this from somewhere other than the UK, this is a pretty incredible event as having three nice days in a row is normally seen as an act of God and classed as a heatwave.

Now the perfect partner to go with all this sunshine (Apart from something alcoholic) is rock music. So how about I introduce you to a duo who are probably one of the hottest up and coming bands out right now? (They have been featured in Q Magazine for crying out loud!)

The duo in question is Arron Sans and Vinnie Shimia aka Panic Island. They’re based in North London and met back in 2012 in Spain at show by The Cult. I’ll let Mr Sans takeover for a second…

“Panic Island is the place within us all that holds the deepest, darkest, emotions. It is filled with conflict between our dreams and personal demons. We are always running from this place, no one wants to be there, it is the catalyst that keeps us moving and creating. We cannot escape it and if we stand still for too long, it will consume us!”

Thank you Arron.

This track right here is the band’s debut single and the first track taken from their upcoming EP Cabin Fever which is released on 18th May and produced by Paul Tipler (The Horrors). I’m also hoping to be able to hook up a review of said record.

As far as rock singles go Temples pretty much ticks all of the boxes. It’s been said that the band’s sound is somewhere between Queens Of The Stone Age and The Killers and I can kind of see where people are coming from, but I’d want to hear a bit more before nailing my colours to that particular mast. There is something about this track which makes it undeniably British, I don’t know what that something is but it’s definitely there.

The guitar intro is a great little anticipation builder, and the vocals and the production are as slick as you like. That being said the short guitar solo does have a little bit of grit about it, making it feel more natural. And clocking in at a shade under 3 minutes the track is basically the perfect length for your favourite radio station. Oh and the hook will get stuck in your head; nice work guys.

Temples is a cracking little single and brilliant introduction to the band. You only get one chance to make a first impression and Panic Island have certainly made a great one here. Watch this space.

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