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Single Review: Lock Up Laura – The Jury’s Out

Hailing from Lincoln Lock Up Laura are Lee McCusker (Lead vocals) Aaron Hall (Lead guitar) Sam Buckthorp (Guitar, vocals) Liam Giles (Bass) and Kareem Marhfouz (Drums).

I’ve only ever seen the band play once but that was enough. The gig in question was around a year or so ago in Derby and although there was only a pretty small crowd there that night they rocked that room like it was Wembley Stadium. That’s always a really big thing for me when watching bands, no matter the venue or the audience I want to see them give 100%. If nothing else it shows that they’ve got the right attitude.

It was almost a running joke that night about the band putting together their 2nd album when they could afford it; the record was pretty much a myth at that stage. However the often alluded to but never seen 2nd album is actually happening, Masquerade is going to be released in a couple of weeks on 2nd May. This track The Jury’s Out is the first single to be taken from the record and I think it sets the album up beautifully.

Funnily enough the band seems to agree with me saying;

This song is hard hitting from start to finish and is a great opening for what’s to come from us with our second album ‘Masquerade.’

Simply put the track is a just a really good hard rock song. It’s kind of Alter Bridge-ish but a bit edgier and a bit grittier. I have reviewed a band called Liberty Lies on these pages before and this tune is definitely in that kind of lane. The vocals are on point, the guitar solo is quality and the track’s got a decent hook. You can’t ask for much more than that in my book.

I’ve got high hopes for the new album; I think if the band hook everything together they could have produced something really special. I’ll have to let you know on that one though as I haven’t heard the album yet, but it is floating around my inbox as we speak, and you will be able to get a review right here.

The Jury’s Out serves as a great starter, but now I’m ready for the main course. Bring on the Masquerade.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH2nhBD9Np4′]

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