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Single Review: Indigo Sixteen – And What?

When I reviewed the previous single from Indigo Sixteen I said that while I liked it and it was a more than solid track it didn’t completely sell me on the band; well now I’m officially sold.

And What? is almost a 6 minute lament of life and the whole thing is very real and very relatable. The guitar riffs and melody carry that classic Indie sound while a brilliant bassline weaves subtle patterns underneath. The thing that really makes the song standout however is the vocal. It’s almost spoken word but that gives the whole things an edge and makes the lyrics feel more real, more sincere and actually just register with you that bit more. Many of the lyrics are pretty bleak, lines like;

‘What’s the point if we don’t try and if faith will one day die’.

And ‘What’s the point of trust if it’s not joint?’

Are hardly the most uplifting in the world so the delivery of them needs to be equally flat so the deadpan style of Stephen Mallin fits perfectly.

I just really like the track, its familiar while remaining original and despite it being so long it doesn’t drag at all as it manages to avoid sections of filler.

The only downside is that this tune will be the last one to feature drummer Callum Davidson who has decided to leave the band for personal reasons. It’s impossible to predict how this will impact the band as a new drummer will bring new ideas so there may be some changes in style a foot but who knows.

For now just enjoy this track because it’s a really impressive effort and one which shows exactly the kind of heights that this band are capable of.

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