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Single Review: Chasing Ghosts – Everything Changes

Sometimes I try and build up a bit of suspense over whether I am going to give a track a positive review or not but today I really can’t be bothered with all that messing around so I’m going to let you know from the off that I’m all over this tune. I’ll explain why in a minute.

Based in London Chasing Ghosts are James Marsh (Vocals) Harry Mitten (Guitar) Lee Brueton (Bass, synth, keyboard) and John Watt (Drums). Lee and Harry used to play in a band called ‘Embersfire’ before their path led them to writing 3 new tracks and then hooking up with the other couple of guys. The boys have only officially been a band since January of this year so they have really hit the ground running.

This track, their debut single Everything Changes can be found on their current 3 track demo which I’ve linked below. I should also say that those demos/EP is pretty damn good as well.

As far as this particular track is concerned Lee had this to say:

“I wrote the song ‘Everything Changes’ as I travelled Africa, experiencing the various cultures, landscapes and impoverished conditions. I always write the music first, but the lyrics I always find slightly more difficult.

The song itself is about how we must all evolve to survive or face extinction, this applies to our everyday lives, relationships, jobs, fortune and also the bigger picture of the human race as a species and how a lot of us turn to religion in our hour of reckoning.”

The track itself is a wide ranging, mass expanse of sprawling guitars and a big anthemic vocal. It sounds like this tune was just built for the live stage and I think that the bigger the audience the better it will sound. It’s kind of like Biffy Clyro but just heavier and with more balls. (Sorry that’s the best explanation I’ve got!) Mr Marsh has a great rock vocal, those rock heads among you will know what I mean and frankly the bigger the guitars the better.

As I mentioned above the demo/EP is also quality and there you can find a longer version of the track which in all honesty is even better than the single version.

There’s something about Everything Changes and something this band which draws me in. I think they could play around with their sound quite a bit and pull off something way heavier as well as going the other way and sounding more mainstream.

This track gets a big thumbs up from me and Chasing Ghosts are definitely a band to watch in 2015 an beyond.

Everything Changes is out now on iTunes

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