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Screaming Quays – 4 Tracks, 4 Reviews, 1 Conclusion

It started out with a kiss… Actually I take that back because that would be a bit weird. Just thought that might be a cool intro… It actually started out last year when I saw this band gigging in Birmingham; they were on the same bill as Musical Outcast favourite Nina Baker I think. I’d never heard of the band before but they put on a good little set, they were a little rough around the edges still but they’re three young guys learning their craft so what do you expect.

After that night way back when they went into my little notebook as ones to watch so when I heard that they had some new music recorded I thought I should get a little feature together.

These tracks aren’t part of any particular project they are just doing the rounds on Soundcloud and what not, and because I’m just that nice I’ve even dropped the link at the bottom of the page here so you can have a listen as well.

Screaming Quays are George Carlton (Vocals, guitar, bass) Jacques Cain (Guitar, bass) and Liam Cox (Drums). The Indie rock threesome are based in Birmingham and like so many bands around the world the band came into existence after the guys met in college. Now for a bit of music chat.

One of the features of the band is their knack to come up with brilliant simple little guitar riffs to build their songs around. A great example of this is on Home Despite. In the grand scheme of things the guitar doesn’t do all that much but it’s all you need. They do manage a kind of ‘prog-indie’ moment around three and a half minutes in though as the track gets a bit experimental before the main track roars back in. It’s a good little tune to be honest, not a lot more to say.

I love the intro on Down Down Down, again for nothing more than its glorious simplicity. It’s pretty much a drum roll and a bass riff, and it builds into the main part of the track really nicely. There’s a bit of an old school feel to this one that will bring on a little nostalgia, the track’s sound is just sort of familiar and comforting. In general I’m also a big fan of the vocal style of Carlton. He doesn’t try and get clever, he just has a way of delivering the lyrics in a sort deadpan and understated way, and I really like how it works with the rest of the band’s sound. The guitar work on the solo on this track is real quality, proper screaming solo stuff. Brilliant.

Give Me The Reason is a real solid Indie tune. It didn’t quite grab my ears as much as the other three songs. I don’t particularly know why as I say it’s a decent enough track it just didn’t stand out as much as I guess. There’s nothing to dislike, the vocal is spot on, the bass and rhythm work is nice and the guitar work is cool and the solo section is good. I just think that it’s an ‘album track’ if that makes any sense.

I have saved the best till last however as I absolutely love Just Like You. It ticks all the right boxes and ticks them in damn fine style. The main guitar riff is stupidly familiar but I’m not sure why. The vocal is class and drips with an air of confidence I really want to see more of. The most awesome part of the track though is just  before the hook and the guitar kicks into this really gritty sound and gets down and dirty and it’s the coolest thing I’ve heard for a while.  Like this band as a whole it’s so simple but it just works so well.

The more I hear from this band the more I like them; they’ve got this air of familiarity which is endearing to the ear. The only real thing I think they lack at the minute is that killer hook on their tracks. The choruses need to pack more of a punch to really get you involved but other than that I like the cut of their jib. They’re just going to keep getting better and better I reckon; keep an eye out for them.

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