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EP Review: QORUM – Q.E.D

It feels like a lifetime ago now but back in December I reviewed the debut single from QORUM, (Nope I still don’t know what that means either) called The Silence. It was a tune that I really liked and I was interested to hear what the trio came with next. After that initial effort there was another single and then that brings us to last month when the band released into the big wide world this EP which I have right here, Q.E.D.

The first thing that I’m going to applaud the threesome for is releasing a project of completely new material. So many times bands and artists make up their EPs of songs which have been doing the rounds for months and months making it hard to get excited but this record is all very recent stuff which is brilliant.

Q.E.D. opens with my favourite track Higher Skies. If you’re looking for a summery sounding tune to go with all of this awesome weather that we’re having at the minute then look no further. As you’ll know I’m a big fan of a duo called If You Like To Dance and this could be something straight out of their top drawer. The electronic thudding drums, the massive hook, it’s all there. It’s catchy as hell. The vocal from singer and chief songwriter Sharon Lorraine is absolutely spot on, it’s so fantastically rich and full that it really pulls that chorus into your head. If there is any justice in the world this should be on the playlist at Radio 1, 2 and 6 Music. It’s a quite brilliant tune and a great single.

Dark Clouds sees a marked drop in pace but the quality remains up to the groups breathtakingly high standards. The production is sparser but the chorus again is fantastic, kind of Adele- ish.

These aren’t tears you see running down my face, it’s the rain falling down on an empty place. I got too much pride, I won’t let you, I won’t you see me cry.

See? I think if you’ve ever been part of a relationship that has broken down in one way or another then you’ll be able to appreciate not only those lyrics but the song as a whole. And that ladies and gentlemen is great song writing. This tune wasn’t as instant as the opener but after a couple of listens it really grew on me.

The record closes out with the ballad It’s Gonna Rain (For A While) I must confess that while the song is perfectly fine, in fact it’s better than that, it isn’t really my thing. Lyrically it feels like it’s a bit of a continuation of the previous track but sonically it feels like it has almost too much emotion attached to it. Hopefully if you listen to the track below that description will make more sense. I also got the feeling that the hook was about to launch into Mary J Blige’s Can’t Be Without You. I must reiterate that none of this makes it a bad song, just this kind of ballad isn’t really my cup of tea.

As a wise man (Ok Meatloaf) once said ‘Two outta three ain’t bad.’ The opening track is fantastic, the second is almost as brilliant and while the third may tick a lot of boxes for many it isn’t quite my thing. I have to say though I really really like this band. They’ve got a lot of scope when it comes to styles, although I do think that their strengths lie in the up and mid-tempo songs like the first two here. The choruses are catchy and the song writing along with the vocals is brilliant.

Q.E.D. is well worth a listen and then some.

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