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Single Review: The Crossfire Hurricanes – The Deviant

Roll up, roll up, it’s time for the debut single from the latest in a long line of killer bands to come out of Belfast The Crossfire Hurricanes.

I could waffle on for ages but unusually for me I won’t bother. Simply put Brendan McGreevy, Johnny Nicholl, Owen Duffy and Niall Kelly have come up with a cracker.

The band lists Oasis as one of their influences and that Mancunian swagger and attitude is a heavy presence on this one, maybe that’s why I like it so much. The vocal has a kind of defiant edge to it set against some badass old school rock n roll riffs which just gives it that edge. There’s even a bit of a tribute to The Doors in there which is a nice touch.

About the tune McGreevy says;

“The story is based on concepts of lust, adventure, and all of life’s sensual thrills. Narratively speaking it hints at someone who moves within a secret and alluring underworld which an otherwise virtuos feminine interest desires to be a part of, driven by a simmering lust that she can no longer ignore. The narrator is the one who can introduce, seduce, and lure her into this world which she willingly wants to be part of.

It’s about innocence coming of age and craving every liberating adventure life can offer, including sexual experience and all of life’s forbidden highs that todays society might consider taboo. It’s about breaking free from social and religious chains and steeping yourself in ‘sinful’ pleasure. The song is about that part of us that wants to feel truly alive.”

And ladies and gentlemen I can’t argue with that. The Deviant is a great classic sounding rock n roll tune and Lord knows the world can always use a few more of those. Check it out below.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuGfcBH8Y_E’]

The Deviant is out now. 

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