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Single Review: Soul Fire Saints – Smoke

One of the things that I’m really enjoying at the moment is this kind of early 90’s grunge rock revival that seems to be taking place. I don’t know what has caused it but there are so many bands passing through my inbox right now bringing that gritty and edgy style of rock back into the public consciousness.

The really pleasing thing though is that this isn’t coming in the form of what just sounds like a tribute act or music that sounds really dated. The roots of the music might be in the early 90’s but the sound is firmly rooted in 2015. One of the bands leading this grungy charge is Soul Fire Saints and more specifically Taylor (Vocals) Ol (Guitar) Andy (Guitar) Jow (Bass) and Lee. (Drums)

The seeds for this project were sown on a stag do in Prague back in the summer of 2011(Obviously) with the band officially coming together in March 2012. Since then the band have been gigging, rehearsing, recording, and just generally getting themselves out there making music.

Taken from the band’s debut EP ‘Death In Technicolour,’ single Smoke is just a badass rock track. To say that this tune was riff heavy would be underselling it by so much I’d be charged under the trades description act. The fuzzy, searing, twisted madness of the guitar work screams for your attention from every conceivable angle. The drums hit with a delightful thud as Taylor assumes the role of vocal contortionist flexing and bending his voice around the madness below. If you don’t feel an urge to turn this track up and test your speakers along with the patience of your neighbours I’m not sure we can be friends.

Smoke is a track which threatens to rip your face off and my advice is to just let it. This track is serious ladies and gentlemen. Just hit play and see what all of the fuss is about.

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