Single Review: Muse – Dead Inside

This tune dropped about an hour and it’s another one which has surprised me!

Muse have well and truly embraced electronica on this one. The drums have got a serious snap, it’s almost like an 80’s style hip hop beat at times. A more traditional rock sound breaks out in the 2nd half of the track but this really is something a little different.

I have never been a huge fan of Muse it has to be said, they kind of lost me after the first album but the variety that they have shown in their brand new material has got my attention in a major way. I like that the band are taking a few chances. From the Marilyn Manson  tinged Psycho to the electronic leanings here it looks like the new album is going to be seriously wide ranging.

I’m officially back on-board the Muse bandwagon, are you?


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