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Single Review: Eva Plays Dead – Wonderland

March and April are always very interesting months on the musical calendar; not because of awards ceremonies or anything like that but you get to see who has been telling the truth.

As one year ends social media is full of bands declaring that they have big things on the way for next year, they are going to take over the world, yada, yada, yada…  Well it’s normally around now that you get to see whether any of these bands are actually going to deliver. If you’ve got a summer album planned, singles should start seeing the light of day, festival line ups are announced and tour schedules pencilled in. Basically if you have got big things on the way it’s about now that we get to hear about them.

There were parts of last year where Eva Plays Dead were pretty quiet, but all along there were rumblings that there were some serious things in the pipeline and well, they weren’t lying. The band has recently announced a tour (With site favourites Sirens In The Delta by the way) as well as some other live dates with the promise of more on the way. Plus and this is the biggie, we have some new music.

Brand new single Wonderland premiered over at Kerrang! a couple of days ago ahead of its official release on 20th April. Well now that we have let Kerrang! have their fun it’s the to give the track the Musical Outcast treatment.

I’m just going to cut to the chase here (For once) Wonderland is a cracker. There is a reason that so many people rate this band so highly and this track proves that they are worth the hype.

From its gravelly intro to its stomping drum beat and catchy central riff the track doesn’t put a foot wrong. Everything has a purpose, there is no wasted motion, no pointless posturing, everything just works together in total rock fused harmony. The hook is a real stomper which is going to get stuck in your head; it’s really solid and as always East Midlands’ first lady of rock Tiggy delivers on the vocal.

This isn’t just hyperbole from me either; there has been a tremendous reaction all over social media with the track still currently trending on Kerrang!’s website. This is a serious track ladies and gentlemen.

2015 might just be Eva Plays Dead’s year.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1k9-q5O3xU’]

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