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EP Review: The Delta Rhythm – Won’t Be Saved

Last May I reviewed the Break The Surface EP from band called The Delta Rhythm and now 10 months on I have in my hot little hands the follow up Won’t Be Saved. The last EP was a big hit with me and some of you might remember that it made it on to our best EP list at the end of last year. I really liked the band’s style so I’m more than pleased that this new record sees evolution rather than revolution.

Since the last time that the band appeared on these pages they have gained a new bassist in the form of Richard Goodall after the departure of Ben Adams, but as I mentioned above, this EP is still unmistakeably the Delta Rhythm which impressed me so much last time out.

The record beings with Come Out To Play, a track which most closely resembles the band’s last EP. A strong bassline and stomping drumbeat lead the way into what is the EP’S most bluesy offering, but even here you can feel the rockier edge that will follow. As always the vocal from Cornick is totally on point, it remains strong and hugely influential towards the band’s sound without being overwhelming. The guitar work is great; it’s not flashy by any means but adds just the right amount of extra pizazz to the track.

No One’s Home is like a sunshine tinged blend of classic Fleetwood Mac and something by the Mammas and Pappas if that makes any sort of sense. The California rock influence is strong on this one and is more than welcome. This kind of song just suits the band’s talents right down to the ground and for me it’s really where they excel. The addition of the male backing vocal intertwines brilliantly with the lead from Cornick and the result is probably my favourite track on the EP. It even has a short piano solo just for added feel good factor, and its little subtle touches like those which add up and make this band what they are.

The EP closes with title track Won’t Be Saved. Despite the song’s almost country style intro, this is the tune which sees the most deviation from the so far winning musical formula. It’s fair to say that here the band have gone straight Indie. The guitar riffs take on a rockier edge and Cornick’s vocal shows off a slightly stronger side than is normally on show. The drums also become a little more driving and forceful than we have heard so far. That’s not to say that any of these changes are drastic because that couldn’t be further from the truth but the subtle tweaks have definitely taken the band down a different avenue.

Won’t be Saved has turned out exactly as I would have hoped. The band hasn’t tried to reinvent the wheel or make drastic changes instead what we can hear is just natural growth. The Blues and little Country influences are still there and the California slant still exists but they have just added a slightly rockier edge to their work. All of the reasons why I like this band so much are still there; all they’ve done is added a couple more and I really can’t argue with that.

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