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Single Review: Chasing Deer – Step Into The Light

Starting out from Stratford-Upon-Avon Chasing Deer are Rob Hodkinson (Vocals, keyboards) Dan Briggs (Bass guitar) Ellen James (Guitar, vocals) and Adam Biddlecombe. (Drums)

The band list their music as being pop/rock/acoustic and you could easily call it pretty much any of those three, although their sound (On this song at least) isn’t especially rocky. Any description of the bands style should definitely include the word ‘slick’ though. This tune is so freaking smooth it’s unreal.

Step Into The Light is the band’s debut single and if I do say so myself it’s a mighty fine opening gambit from a band with surely more to come. I’ve got a real thing for pianos at the minute so the fact that this track is laced with such a silky smooth melody to me is a great thing. The intro is slow, but the pace soon picks up and the track skips and dances along from there. The vocal from Hodkinson is totally spot on and the production is absolutely perfect, and it’s not often I say that. It’s so crisp and clean, it’s fantastic it really is.

Frankly there isn’t much else I can say; Step Into The Light is just a brilliant little tune. It’s as simple as that.

Step Into The Light is available now on ITunes, Spotify etc

If you want to see the band live they are playing 12 Bar Club in London tonight, The Arches in Coventry tomorrow, Zephyr Lounge in Leamington Spa on the 18th, and Lord Roberts in Nottingham on the 21st of this month.

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