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EP Review: The Fallen State – III

Over the last 6-8 months there aren’t many, if any bands who have had the kind of sustained online buzz that The Fallen State have enjoyed. It goes to show that this business really isn’t rocket science at all; in fact it’s all rather simple. Release quality music, put on quality live shows and you will build up a following of fans. I have over-simplified it a smidge but you get my point.

As it stands every single thing that The Fallen State have released to date has been of the highest quality and met with rave reviews. (A little bit like this one) So does the latest record live up to the lofty standards that the band has set? The answer is a resounding yes.  Ben Stenning, Jon Price, Dan Oke, Greg Butler And Rich Walker have crafted another well rounded, incredibly well put together banger of a rock record.

Kicking off with the Alter Bridge-esque intro The Great Unknown shows exactly what the band are all about. The verses are pretty stripped back as all roads build towards a monster hook which really delivers. I have spoken before about this bands ability to write big sweeping rock choruses and they just keep coming up with one after another. They even throw in a short guitar solo during a quicker section towards the end of track to round things out. And because I am the giving type I have attached the music video for the track at the bottom of the review so feel free to check it.

The Lost Cause is part Stone Sour, part Papa Roach and part Alter Bridge. See Alter Bridge for the guitar solo and some of the guitar work.  Stone Sour for the thundering riff and rhythm section which hammers the track forward and Papa Roach for the big chorus. (It makes sense in my head alright!) Either way it’s another all-out, full throttle, thrill ride of a tune and one that must be a big hit when the band play live. It’s got that epic rock kind of feel about.

I always think that every rock album or EP needs to have that one real anthem and final track The Journey is that anthem. Just everything about the song gives it that feel, the build to the big chorus, the guitar solo, down to the way the vocal from Stenning towers over the track. Again I imagine that the song must be a big hit live, in fact I think that it’s a testament to this project as a whole that frankly any of the 3 tracks would make a brilliant single and they all have the potential to bring the house down when played live. I feel that last point is a huge, especially when it comes to rock bands.

After reviewing the bands last EP II, this latest record is everything that I hoped it would be. The band seems to have hit the sweet spot between making accessible slick rock music without sounding too commercial. I’m having a very hard time trying to pick faults with this one because frankly there aren’t any. The vocals are great, the guitar work is fantastic and the rhythm section drives the tracks brilliantly well. Plus the production is first class. As I said in my intro The Fallen State are a band on a serious upward curve at the minute, and if they keep turning out music as good as this there really is no telling how far they could go. The sky’s the limit.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-yFmIwgOmk’]

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