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Single Review: The New Southern Electrikk – Brown Eyes

It’s pretty rare these days that I hear a track and it really grabs me straight from the first listen. I tend to kind of like things then after a few spins I’ll fall in love, those instant hits are few and far between. But every now and again you get blindsided, and out of nowhere you stumble upon a track which makes your morning, the kind you need to tell the whole world about. The last time that I had that feeling was back in early December when I heard One Last Run for the first time, until today that is.

The New Southern Electrikk are Monica Ward (Vocals) Zack Davies (Guitar) Rikki Turner (Keys) Steven Tajti (Bass) Jim Corry (Drums) and their new single Brown Eyes is absolutely incredible. I don’t praise lightly and I can be a massively harsh critic but there is just something about this record… it’s almost hypnotic.

Brown Eyes has been 14 years in the making and treads a path that many of us can relate to, as Tuner explains;

“The song was written during a particularly dark period of my life when things weren’t going well. Brown Eyes was a woman who left me. As she walked away, The Shirelles’ ‘Baby It’s You’ was playing and the song came to me there and then. The pain I felt that day can be heard in Monica’s breathtaking vocals and the band’s performance on the record is stunning.  To think something so beautiful can emerge from that level of pain is extraordinary… but that pain had to be experienced for the song to exist.”

I think it is testament to Ward’s obvious natural talent that she can channel this raw emotion into her vocal despite the lyrics not being from her own pen. The track carries a 1960’s old school feel, with Ward lacing the dark, brooding, soulful guitar melody with a quite mesmerising vocal. The track clocks in at exactly 3 minutes and 4 seconds making it absolutely perfect length for a single but also meaning that there is no wasted motion. Everything in the song serves a purpose and the concise structure keeps the listeners focus from start to finish.

I think it would be pretty difficult for me to over-sell how good I think this record is. The band’s awesome talent shines through from every musical pore; Brown Eyes is a triumph. It’s a triumph for emotion, a triumph for nostalgia and a triumph for song writing from the heart.

Brown Eyes has hit me for six; simply flawless.

Brown Eyes is officially released on 14th February. 

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