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Single Review: The Devil In Faust – Dark Places

Based in Shropshire The Devil In Faust are Alistair Pritchard (Vocals, guitar) Zach Bowden (Bass) and Ben Codd. (Drums)

Dark Places is the band’s debut single and was released last November but there are already plans in place for two more singles in the first quarter of this year.

If you’re into early 90’s grunge and alternative rock then Dark Places is perfectly fine but sadly that’s all that it really is. It’s not that there is anything in particular that’s bad about it, it’s just that it feels like we’ve heard it all before… and that’s basically because we have.

The track is straight from the ‘generic grunge song’ box, with its gravelly vocal and gritty guitar sound. The video features the now obligatory ‘moody woodland scene’. In truth there just isn’t a lot to get you really excited.

Dark Places is a decent track but with its generic overall sound it will never be any more than that.


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