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Single Review: Serinette – Bigger Better

I first came across Serinette quite a while ago; it was around last summer I think. I spoke to the band over social media but for whatever reason I never ended up covering them until now, although I have managed to keep a little eye on their progress.

Serinette are Lou, Paul, Dave and Stu and are based in Middlesborough and Manchester. Their music is of the pop/rock variety and they are a band who are definitely on the up. Anyway, the guys are back with a new single and video which you can check out below, the song is called Bigger Better.

Lead singer Louise Radford says of the track:

“Bigger Better is a song written about rising above those people and situations that put you down. It’s about overcoming the odds when you think you cannot. Proving people wrong who think they are always right about you.

Letting go of troubles that seem so heavy, when you are not sure that you can… and realising life can be so simple if you believe in yourself and smile”.

Bigger Better is great little slice of feel good pop/rock, the kind which leaves you feeling that for reasons for which you’re not quite sure everything is going to be alright. I like the vocal from Radford along with the wispy melody which weaves beautifully understated patterns all over the track. Personally I think that the track is a little too long though, the last 30 seconds or so don’t add a great deal as the track seems to tread water a little but apart from that it’s a good little tune. Serinette are clearly a band with talent and I really think that there could be plenty more to come.


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