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Single Review: Karpet Kickers – Expertease

I can’t say that I have ever covered many rock/reggae/pop bands in my time but there’s a first time for everything I guess.

Said rock/reggae/pop band are the Karpet Kickers from Kidderminster. See what they did there? The band are Gerhardt J. Kruckow (Vocals) John Trickett (Drums, Percussion, Vocals) Toni Charles (Rhythm guitar) Steve Webb (Lead guitar) Bill Gilbert (Bass, Vocals) and Jinx Ganderton (Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals)

From a personal point of view I never quite understand the releasing of bootleg or live performances and tracks. If you’re Queen and filling stadiums then yes I get it but on the majority of these ‘live’ singles the sound quality is pretty rubbish and there’s no crowd atmosphere to pick up because basically there aren’t enough people there. And I don’t know if it’s just me but when the sound quality isn’t brilliant I think that it makes it a little more difficult to actually enjoy the music.

With that being said this reggae based track taken from the bands live bootleg album isn’t too bad. But that’s also the main problem. It’s just ok. There’s nothing to really get excited about and nothing to really grab you and pull you in. The recording and sound quality is a little patchy in places and apart from a nice guitar solo at the half way mark as I said nothing really stands out. It’s not that there is anything particularly bad about the track because there isn’t, I just can’t get excited about it.

Hit the link and check the track out for yourselves.


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