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Single Review: QORUM – The Silence

Question: (No Destiny’s Child) What do you get when you cross a female vocalist attempting one last shot at the big time and two Tourist Attractions?

Answer: QORUM

I will now attempt to explain what the hell all of that means as unless you know what’s going on in my head (For your sake I hope you don’t) you aren’t going to have a clue what I‘m talking about.

Right… QORUM are Sharon Minnie, Daniel Walsh and Connor Synnott. Walsh and Synnott are half of Blackburn based indie band Tourist Attractions who have featured on these pages before and are a damn fine band in their own right. Minnie is a singer/songwriter who over the years has received plaudits from all over the world and the motivation for the band coming together is rather simple. For the lads it’s the chance to do something a little different, and for Minnie it provides what could be a final chance to capitalise on previous industry interest and achieve her musical dream.

Silence is the band’s debut recording and it’s a thoroughly enjoyable affair from start to finish. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice slice of indie-dance to warm the cockles on a winters evening anyway? Style-wise I’d say the track sounds a bit like If You Like To Dance, who regular readers will know that I’m a big fan of, so that really isn’t a bad thing. It’s probably just me but I think the melody gives the song a bit of a summery vibe, and has me thinking back to a time when I could leave the house without putting four layers on first. It’s just a really well rounded little track; the vocal from Minnie glides majestically over a smooth, slick melody which pulls the track along and frankly there really isn’t a lot to dislike here.

If you were to really nit-pick you could maybe say that the track was a smidge too long but you really would be being extremely picky. There are plans afoot for another single to be released just after the turn of the year and I’m very interested to hear what the guys come up with.

Silence is only the start of a new journey for these three ambitious souls and who knows how far this journey might take them. It would be stupid of me to sit here now and make predictions about how the band might go all the way because no one knows, but I’ll tell you what on this evidence they have given themselves more than a fighting chance.


You can listen to ‘Silence’ here, https://soundcloud.com/qorum/the-silence

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