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Single Review: Fire and More Fire – New Hurricane

As you might imagine constantly being sent new music is absolutely awesome. In fact the only thing better than being sent new music, is being sent something new from an artist which you have never heard of. This post definitely fits nicely into the secondary category.

No matter how switched on you think you are about new bands and artists there will always be bands putting out great music that you have never heard of. Finding these bands or having them find you is one of the things that I love about this job, and something that brings me nicely onto Fire and More Fire.

Up until a few short weeks ago I had never heard these guys but right now I‘m wondering what the hell I was doing. But before I start raving about them too much I think I should give you a bit of background info first.

Fire and More Fire are Danny (Vocals, guitar) Al (Guitar, vocals) Glen (Bass) and Gareth (Bass) Danny and Al met in a previous covers band and decided to write their own stuff and go it alone after bonding over a love of bands like Nirvana, Pixies and Sonic Youth. Glen and Gareth were added to the mix in the summer of last year and the band have been gigging all over the Midlands ever since.

This track New Hurricane is taken from the band’s current self-titled EP and I have to say that it’s pretty freakin’ good. It’s got that late 80’s/early 90’s grungy, punk style stamp all over it and it’s absolutely glorious. The central riff if I’m being totally honest is just straight filth. It’s grimy, it’s so dirty it should come with an explicit content warning and man it’s awesome. The vocal has a real punk kick and definitely leans in that direction but thankfully doesn’t have that abrasiveness which makes a lot of punk records difficult to love. The guitar work on the solo late on is totally spot on and I just love the attitude of the whole thing.

New Hurricane has to me at least served as a fantastic introduction to a band that I definitely feel is worth checking out. This track is uncompromising and packed to the rafters which a punk rock spirit that we are constantly being told is dead.

If you’re a fan of dirty riffs and a ‘fuck you’ attitude, then without question Fire and More Fire are the band for you.

2 thoughts on “Single Review: Fire and More Fire – New Hurricane

  1. If you like this, take a trip to Reverbnation. Proof, if proof were needed, that New Hurricane isn’t actually a fluke. More fantastic songs than you can shake a shitty stick at. Support local music.

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