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One Man Revival Live @ Ivory Blacks – 1st November 2014

Regular readers may remember back in the summer when this website launched into what you see before you today that I stumbled across a band called One Man Revival. I reviewed their set in Derby one summer evening and they made a real impression on me. They are a band without complications, and band without illusions of grandeur. They are a straight up rock band; it’s as simple as that.

As so often happens with these things I was offered the chance to go and review a gig in Glasgow totally out of the blue and completely by chance One Man Revival were playing so I think it’s only right that I tell all of you fine people what I saw.

That night when I first saw the band in Derby they were fantastic in pretty strange circumstances, as in there was barely anyone at the venue to appreciate what the band were doing. Nevertheless they put on a really good show, so as I drove up to Glasgow I was expecting exactly the same if not more.

The set began with a barnstormingly energetic rendition of Be With You which set the tone for what was to follow. The band by their own admission had left out the slow stuff to keep the pace up and that was exactly what the audience were after. The venue’s smoke machine also proved to be in full working order as drummer Wayne Glaister slowly faded from view. As the opener slid directly into An Ordinary World Glaister could have given up and gone home for all the audience knew as he was still invisible, with only the pounding beat providing some evidence that something was going on in the gloom.

The band then hit the audience with a surprise confession that they were… well, nursing the effects of a heavy night but frankly you couldn’t tell, and a stirring performance of Shipwrecked only served to provide further evidence that the band were on top form. A booming drum beat and an equally sizeable guitar riff greeted the arrival of the brilliantly titled Nice Night For A Bar Fight. A slower section part way through caught the audience by surprise but the band were soon back in top gear for a real grandstand finish.

Jager, Jack, Vodka, Disco might sound like an absolute recipe for disaster but that couldn’t be further from the truth as the audience continued to lap up the bands feel good brand of rock and roll. I think it’s important to say at this point just how tight and tuned in with each other these guys are. You can tell just from watching them for just a couple of songs that they really put the hours in in the practice room and gig regularly. This was massively in evidence with Out Of Here which begins with a thundering beat from the rhythm section and saw the band even throw in short burst of the T Rex classic 20th Century Boy.

The drum intro which dominated the opening of If The World Should End signalled not only the start of the track but also the closing stages of the set. This tune along with final In The End flashed by in a whirl of guitar solos and rhythms which you could feel through the floor.

The band might have been the ones who were opening the night but they played the set as if they were headlining. It was just flat out commitment and energy from start to finish. The only slight blemishes were a couple of attempts to get the audience participating as to be honest they didn’t really work, although that was probably more to do with the audiences shyness/lack of alcohol at the start of a long night than the band themselves.

As I have already said One Man Revival aren’t a band who are going to try and dazzle the audience with some sort of stage show with all sorts of crazy effects. These guys are a rock band pure and simple; it’s all about the music. So if you want to have a good time, take in some quality rock and roll while a band give their all on the stage in front of you then get down to a One Man Revival Show. You will not be disappointed.

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