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A Year In The Life Of The Musical Outcast: 2014 (Part 2)

Judging by the fact its New Year’s Eve I thought it was about time that I dropped the second part of my look back at 2014. In this part I will look back at the singles and albums that I have loved this year. But before I go any further apologies to Josh Curnow and Danny Smart… I was all over both your EPs but managed to miss them off my original list in part 1, sorry!

There are quite a few of these so I am just going to throw them out there as a list. It’s not massively imaginative but I’m tired it’s been a long year; I’m all out of imagination. So Singles;

Fire And More Fire: New Hurricane

Katy Rae: Spark

The Rubys: Jesus Girl

Hollie April: Together Alone

Bi:Lingual: Subject Number

W: Jax: Just So You Know

The Jackobins: The Otherside

Alavano: Take The Pain Away

Three Kings High: Nothing Left To Lose

Beth Prior: Nomad

Andriah Arrindell: Time To Shine

Nishe: You Got Me Blind

We Came From Wolves: Paradise Place

Emi McDade: Just Begun

Mercutio: Back To Nowhere

The Landed: On The Shore

Sister Shotgun: For The Love Of Hate

Thirteen Shots: American Sweetheart

Gia Valentina: No More

Jenny Hempton: Wait For You

 Also a big shout out to The Rainband, Evyltyde, The Sonic Revolvers, Stellify and Face Of A Stranger who all dropped more than one single that I loved this year. Basically I’ve liked everything that they have done.  And so we move on to albums…

In Search Of Sun: The World Is Yous

Sky Burns Red: Machines

Daughters Of Davis: British Soul

Darling Down: Never Tell

Maryr De Mona: Impera

Until We’re Winning: Making The Best Of A Bad Situation

Nina Baker: Quite Frankly

The Bedroom Hour: Hinterland

Plainview: Plainview

Smilex: Petit Mort

The Sunpilots: King Of The Sugarcoated Tongues

So that was my shout out to the year that was 2014. I’d also like to give a mention to all of the promoters, radio pluggers, and behind the scenes people that I have met or worked with this year, you’re all awesome and deserve serious respect for all of the work you out in which nobody sees! Next year is going to be a huge one for unsigned and independent music, there is so much on the way you have no idea, so if you do nothing else in 2015 keep it locked to The Musical Outcast. The takeover starts here.

You can read part one here

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