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Single Review: The Bayonettes – How Far

Right now indie bands are like mates when you’re in the pub and offer to get the round in…. absolutely everywhere! I think as a group they are trying to take over the world, but luckily for me many of the ones that I get to here are pretty damn good. I haven’t heard anything completely rotten for a while which is always good.

It’s at this point that it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to you to learn that The Bayonettes are yes, you guessed it, an indie band.  Based in the south of this fine nation The Bayonettes are John Whittle, Jamie Foster, Lewis Baker and Daniel J Harding. They released their debut EP Hold On last year and their latest effort How Far dropped this week. And if that wasn’t enough they plan to release a third EP early next year.

One of the reasons which I believe that there are so many indie bands around now is the legacy of bands like Oasis and others who will have featured heavily in the childhoods of today’s early twenty-something’s. How could you not hear some of that stuff from the mid late 90’s and not think ‘Man, I wanna do that when I’m older?’ And to my Oasis fan-trained ear there are definitely flashes of the Gallagher brothers present on this track especially in the delivery of the vocal. Not so much the actual sound but the delivery and the style.

My only criticism of the track is that I wish the guitar solo would have taken the bull by the horns a little bit more, it feels like it just goes through the motions a little bit instead of really making a statement. This is only a small criticism however as the grandstand vocal of a finish really makes a real positive impression.

How Far improves with every listen, even if it is more solid than spectacular. That’s not to say it’s a bad track however it just feels like it’s missing that extra something. If nothing else the track has got me interested, it’s got my mind turning and I want to hear more, there’s definitely potential here and there should be even better to come.

Hold On (Both the track and the EP) are out now

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