Single Review: Tourist Attractions – The Fear

One of the great things about the fact that in one way or another I have been covering music for a good few months now is that I am starting to get sent new music from bands that I have featured previously.

This means that the excitement that you get when pressing play on the artists new music is a little different. Instead of the total unknown and having no idea what you might be about to hear you form an idea in your head and wait to see if the music matches up. Plus you get to see the bands evolution, how their style has changed, have they smoothed out any issues from previous recordings?

This brings me rather nicely on to a band that some of you might be familiar with, Tourist Attractions. To cut a long story short I reviewed their debut EP back in April and I genuinely really enjoyed it.  I’m not always one for indie bands but I thought that there was something about these guys that made them stand out from the competition a little bit. Well I somehow managed to miss the news that the band were preparing another release so it was a nice surprise when I got presented with their brand new tune Fear the other day.

Not only did the fact that this track actually exists take me by surprise but so did actual sound of it. Much of the ‘Dusk’ EP was what you would probably call ‘straight’ indie; think of an indie tune in your head and you wouldn’t be too far away. Fear; however is something very different altogether. It’s really atmospheric; it’s not as instant as the bands previous material either. When I first heard the track I really wasn’t sure what to think of it, it didn’t really grab me at all, after a few listens though it was a different story.

It’s only after a few spins that you actually take in what the band have done here. The more time that you give the track, the more you begin to appreciate what the band have achieved not only lyrically but sonically as well. The layering of the vocals and the overall production of the song give you plenty to get your teeth into. To begin with the one real criticism that I had of the hook, I didn’t think it really did anything but again after a few more listens you begin to realise that although it’s not catchy in a traditional sense it will get stuck in your head. It caresses rather than shakes you.

As I mentioned above Fear is a bit of a departure from the bands previous sound with it only being really comparable to a track like ‘Lovers & Dancers.’ However, it’s a departure that I like. It’s not like the band have done a 180 degree turn from where they were they have just progressed onto something more nuanced, something more subtle. There is a hell of a lot more to these guys than being just your average indie band and for me that deserves to be applauded.

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