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Single Review: The Young Hearts – Closer

The Young Hearts are Craig Lawrence (Vocals, guitar) Aaron Jackson (Guitar) Stew Thorpe (Bass) and Matt Cattell. (Drums) Although it’s probably a new name to many, including me, the band have already got 6 UK tours under the belt from when they performed under a different alias.

Closer is the first single from the band’s debut EP which is slated for release sometime in early 2015. I’d say it’s a promising enough start but there is still room for improvement. The first 3 minutes of the track are really strong. It’s got a great pop/rock feel sort of in the You Me At Six lane, the vocal while not being anything flash is more than solid and the song has a good chorus that will get stuck in your head and will sound great on the radio. However, the last section just feels like filler to be honest, and after the really strong opening it loses some of its focus and momentum, and I think that that takes the shine off the song as a whole.

Having said that Closer isn’t a bad track by any means, in fact as I mentioned above there is  lot to like about it, I just got left with the feeling that it could have been brilliant, good could have been very very good. It’s a decent debut but I think that there is more to come.

Note to bands, the reason that this review is so short is that the band didn’t have any sort of press pack, or bio prepared. This makes it extremely difficult to do my job, as it leaves me with not a lot that I can say. So if when you send me material to review if you could have some sort of press pack and bio included in your email that would be brilliant, thank you.

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