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Single Review: The Sonic Revolvers – Can You Hear Me

Watching bands/artists progress and grow is absolutely awesome. It’s one thing to watch a ‘big’ artist over a number of years but following unsigned and independent artists can be so much more rewarding. You get a lot more of a connection to the artist and you just feel part of their journey. There are a few bands out at there at the minute where I feel like that and The Sonic Revolvers are definitely one of them.

Can You Hear Me is the third single from the band that I have had the pleasure of reviewing, and every one of those singles has been different and brought something new to the table. Watching the band experiment and really find their feet has been a great experience. As I say this track is different to their other work and it’s a difference that I really like, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

This track was written by guitarist and chief songwriter Richey Jones, in the bands PR pack it says that this song is…

“About a person’s desire to be heard amongst the noise of modern life and how they feel confused by what is expected of them as well as the daily grind of not having thoughts and ideas listened to.”

Well I’m sure that most of us can relate to that so the band are on to a good thing straight from the off.  Style-wise if you’re a fan of the Arctic Monkeys’ latest work then you will love this tune, it’s got fuzzy, gritty guitar riffs for days and in the verses the vocal delivery isn’t far away from Alex Turner territory either. (Minus the Sheffield accent obviously)

Things really kick up a gear as the track goes on and it just gets bigger and bigger and even harder hitting as the punchy choruses flash by. There’s a hell of a lot crammed into this just under 3 minute offering let me tell you. As a whole the track just has more grit and more of an edge than the band’s previous offerings and I really like that, it keeps them interesting and stops them from becoming stale.

Can you Hear Me is another great offering from a band that just keep on delivering. The Sonic Revolvers are a band with a lot of momentum right now and they show no signs of stopping any time soon, the boys from Runcorn just keep going from strength to strength.

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