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Single Review: Madame So – If Only You Were Dead

Continuing the theme of the last few days I have something new for you. This offering comes courtesy of Paris born, London based Madame So. She dropped her debut The Sell-by Date EP last year and now she is back with something new for your ears.

Madame So’s music has been likened to that of Hole, Blondie and Patti Smith and you can definitely hear traces of those three artists in her new single If Only You Were Dead.

I must confess that after the first couple of listens of this one I didn’t like it. It just didn’t gel with me for some reason, but then I really started to appreciate the attitude on display. It’s a real angry heart on the sleeve break-up song and I think that’s what you need to get your head around. The more you buy into the Courtney Love ‘Fuck the world’ attitude the more that you get what this song is about, if you like punk you’ll get it.

This isn’t the most instant of singles by any means but if you embrace the punk style snarling attitude and the pure honesty of the record you will certainly acquire a taste for it. This isn’t my favourite single of the week but then again it isn’t bad either.

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