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Single Review: Kaity Rae – Spark

Right then, I’ve got something absolutely brand new for you lovely people. Not only will this be a new track to the majority of you but also a new artist all together. It’s the first time that her name has graced these pages anyway. The young lady in question is 17 year old singer/songwriter Kaity Rae and I’ll let you in on a little secret… she’s really quite good.

Hailing from London Kaity Rae has recently finished studying a higher diploma in vocals at the Institute Of Contemporary Music and has just begun a song writing degree. Spark is the lead single from her upcoming debut EP of the same name which is due out on 5th November. (I’m so nice you’ll get a review of that as well)

In all honesty if this track was being released by a ‘name’ artist then it would chart top 10 and probably top 5 no problem at all. Not that the charts are always an accurate measure of ability but without doubt this girl has talent. You might look at this track and think that it’s just your standard pop ballad and basically you would be right but you can’t deny that this track is also a ridiculously good pop ballad.

Kaity Rae’s voice is fantastic, like a fine single malt whisky it glides beautifully smoothly over the delicate acoustic guitar based backdrop, but there is even more to her than that. Lyrically I think this tune really stands up as well. Lines like;

“I don’t see this as my surrender, nor am I trying to be just like her, because that’s your past and I hope that I’m your last, so I’ll hold on to you for forever.”

Demonstrate a talent and maturity beyond her years. I’m a sentimental old romantic at heart so when it’s done well as it is here I love a good heartfelt ballad.

If this is just a taste of things to come then writing the review the EP will be easiest thing in the world. It’s impossible to totally judge an artist off the back of one song so I will refrain from trying to do so, but my God Kaity Rae you have just made a quite brilliant first impression.

Spark is released tomorrow – 23rd October

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