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Single Review: Black Nevada – Standing On The Edge

Don’t know about you but I’m a in a rock music kind of mood. It’s the middle of the week and the weather is crap so we can all either feel sorry for ourselves in this crappy darkness or stick some tunes on and play them seriously loud to stick two fingers up at the grey outside world. It probably won’t surprise you that I’m going for option two.

It just so happens that I have some new music from a new up and coming band for just such an occasion. The band in question is Black Nevada, they are a 5 piece rock band from the North East and they formed back in January 2012, so they’re still pretty new and finding their way. The band are made up of Jordan Bailey (Lead vocals) George Tait (Lead guitar, backing vocals) Joe Metcalfe (Rhythm guitar) Anthony Fish (Bass, backing vocals) and Cameron Dunn. (Drums)

The track Standing On The Edge just sounds big, it’s got that big ass stadium anthemic feel going in a serious way. If the band ever got the chance to drop this track in an arena it would sound absolutely epic. Their sound is very much in the vein of bands like Biffy Clyro. To pull off a song this big the vocal needs to be a strong one, weak wispy vocals have their place but that place certainly isn’t here, and thankfully Bailey delivers.

The guitar work while simple for the most part is also edgier in places which I think helps take some of the slick and polished feel off the track. That is a good thing by the way, over produced and an overly slick sound ruins a lot of rock tracks in my eyes as it takes away all of the rough edges and what makes rock music, rock music. These guys have avoided that here which is a massive plus. On a slightly more geeky note I also like the structure of the song,  slower and quieter sections pull you in before massive drops come crashing in as everything gets turned back up to 11. It keeps the listener on their toes, and gives the bigger sections even more of a kick.

B-Side Small World, Big Problems is more of the same, the guitars are just a bit more grungy and a bit dirtier, which is never a bad thing, it’s always good to hear a band with a bit of an edge. From a personal point of view I prefer this track for that reason but I can totally understand why Standing On The Edge is the lead track, it’s got single written all over it.

Standing On The Edge is a very good, solid single. It will sound as good on the radio is it would in a huge venue. Having a track which has that potential cross-over is huge for any band. What’s even more interesting for me is that I want to hear what comes next. Personally after a while I find the Biffy Clyro, big stage rock sound a little samey, as I mentioned above I like my rock music to have a bit of an edge, I want them to have that kind of variation in them. Foo Fighters are a perfect example of a band who can pull this off.

All of that being said however, both of the tracks that I mentioned are good solid tracks that have plenty of replay value and will hit the right spot on the radio, which is pretty much what you want from your singles. I’m just very demanding; I think these guys definitely have potential and their next few releases will determine just how far this potential can take them.

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